Christy Clark to stay on as BC premier

NDP and Greens announce plans to form government		Christy Clark will be replaced says MLA-elect Beare
	Neil Corbett Mon May 29th 2017 5:00pmNews

Judith Guichon later this week as proof the two parties are ready to succeed the Liberal government. Nevertheless, it is very detailed and ambitious. There would be no Green MLAs included in an NDP cabinet.

The Liberals have ruled the province for 16 years.

The two parties have also agreed to ban corporate and union donations to political parties, as well as contributions from non-residents of B.C.

- A referendum on proportional representation will take place in the fall of 2018, concurrent with the next municipal elections in the province.

The agreement binds the Greens and NDP to vote together on budget and confidence motions for four years. There's no cap on the agreement, so presumably increases would continue if the government were re-elected.

Meanwhile, it reported 2,252 workers were working on the dam as of March 27 with 81 per cent of the workers from B.C. There were 709 Peace Region residents working on the dam.

- Set up an arm's-length commission that will be tasked with "establishing a pathway" to a minimum wage of at least $15 per hour and overseeing regular rate reviews.

Certainly, a number of the province's citizens would be heartened by the idea of politicians putting the people over party.

- Appoint a minister of mental health and addictions to develop and implement a mental-health and addiction strategy and a youth mental-health strategy.

"But all of us want to hear from BC Hydro-what have you signed, how binding are these agreements, and what are the consequences of proceeding?" Details are to be sorted out later.

"I don't think ... the NDP-Green majority is sufficiently great to cause her to concede", Telford said.

The agreement does not include specifics on liquefied natural gas, but meeting greenhouse gas reduction targets would make it more hard for large projects to proceed. There's no specific mention of fracking or LNG, for example, or of ferries.

"The results of the election clearly demonstrated that voters wanted to put an end to the bitter, divisive and cynical politics of the past, and get on with productive governance", said BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver in a statement. "We're not looking to have an election any time soon". "The final result reinforces that British Columbians want us to work together, across party lines, to get things done for them".

"That's what we campaigned upon, that's what we're going to deliver".

The Liberals won 43 seats in the election, the NDP 41 and the Greens three.

Some of the key elements of a deal between the NDP and Green party on a minority government in British Columbia are listed below.

"I believe passionately in this institution", Horgan said. Under the terms of the deal the Greens promise not to defeat the New Democrats for the full four-year term of the new parliament. "This is a unique opportunity for us all". "It should happen in public as constitutional convention tells us it should".

Horgan also called on his party to work with the Liberals, where possible, in a future government.

In fact, the entire Green-NDP deal covers areas where the two were largely on the same page anyway.

After all, he said it would only take one New Demcocrat to miss the ferry to Vancouver Island for the vote in the legislature in Victoria and "the Liberals could survive a confidence vote on the throne speech".

If Clark can't win the confidence of the legislature, she would be expected to resign.


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