Trump wants to dismantle Obama-era Cuba policies

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On Friday, Trump plans to travel to Miami to announce a decision that senior administration officials said as recently as Wednesday had not yet been finalized.

Trump's justification of the partial reversal will hinge on Washington's human rights claims against the socialist government, and the claim that the easing of restrictions hasn't had the desired "regime change" effects desired by anti-Cuban elements on Capitol Hill. On Friday, June 16, 2017, President Donald Trump is expected to give Am.

It outlines President Trump's pushback on Obama Administration initiatives, which weakened the longstanding economic USA embargo on Cuba. "For this reason, neither announcements nor new measures will rob us our sleep". Ties forged during a 20-year slog will count with the Cuban government, he said. But most lives remained a grinding daily struggle.

But while certain US businesses have increased their presence in Cuba and USA visitors traveling under general licenses authorizing people-to-people contacts (read: mostly tourism) have increased since 2014, the Castro regime has continued its long-standing practice of brutalizing its own people. Today, the city 30 miles west of Havana is home to the county's main cargo facility, where freighters unload containers of supplies for the country's booming tourism industry.

White House officials describe the policy change as fulfilling a promise Trump made to Florida's Cuban exile community last fall. "The best thing that can happen for the two countries is for all of these problems to end, for everything to be normal". This is the first time a sitting United States president has visited Cuba in 88 years.

"Obama incentivized entrepreneurship", Castillo said. Although Trump lost the Miami area to Hillary Clinton by double digits, he credits support from Cuban-Americans for helping him eke out a narrow victory statewide.

"We have invested significant resources establishing a presence in Cuba, and with one hotel open and another in the pipeline we have just begun our work creating opportunity and a more vibrant tourism sector on the island". Marco Rubio - who were experts on Cuba policy.

In addition to keeping open embassies in Washington and Havana, the two governments are expected to continue negotiating on a variety of problems of mutual concern and some commercial US flights and cruises crossing the 90 miles separating the two countries could continue. "He had something in mind, like playing chess with those people, the communists over there", he said. When asked, White House officials did not say why the administration did not hold similar thinking for Saudi Arabia, which also has a history of human rights abuse.

What do the Cuban people think? "They have survived worse, unfortunately".

While the Trump administration says it wants to crack down on sources of revenue for the Cuban government so far there are no plans to reinstate the ban on Cuban cigars and rum, officials said. "Outside the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 when you really look back to the last 50 years, nothing has been done".

Standing in front of a primary school in Mariel, 56-year-old teacher Juan Manuel Lemus said he had hoped Obama's opening would lead Cuban-Americans to invest in businesses in his decaying industrial hometown, the same way many had poured money into tourist centers like Havana. Among more than 4 million visitors past year, a record, 615,000 came from the United States, more than half of them Cuban Americans.

But his immediate worry was much more personal. In the case of Iran, for example, providing sanctions relief as part of the nuclear deal does not mean we are hamstrung in using our economic power to combat Iran's support for terrorism, and recent actions by the administration and Congress to target the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps illustrate that even in the post-JCPOA context, the United States can employ powerful economic tools against Iran. "I'm afraid, really, about what happens if Trump cuts back relations". When Obama finally went forward with a limited opening, he was doing more to end the isolation of the US than of Cuba.

Gomez Licon reported from Miami.


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