Cage Match: New York Times Vs


"Tony Thomas, who leads the Special Operations command, telling our own Catherine Herridge last week that the US military was close to tracking down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a 2015 raid that extracted tons of intel, but he ended up getting away", Doocy said before showing a clip of Thomas referencing "some leaks" that prevented the military from tracking down al-Baghdadi at that time.

Both the updated article and the TV segment added part of a comment from The Times stating that the paper had described the piece to the Pentagon before publication and "they had no objections".

Fox News issued a statement late Sunday addressing the matter, but noted The Times' slow reaction while questioning their "concern for accuracy".

In a news report on the dispute aired on Fox on Monday, "Media Buzz" host Howard Kurtz criticized his company for not reaching out to the Times for comment following Thomas' remarks.

Also, the Times says it asked Pentagon sources for comment before publishing its story and that no one had any problems with it. Tony Thomas, the head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, at the Aspen Security Forum, in which he blamed the ISIS leader's escape on a media report that appeared to be a reference to NYT article dated June 8, 2015. In the Fox story, Gen.

Considering Herridge had said in her 2015 report that intelligence gathered in the raid could lead the US closer to al-Baghdadi, through that logic Fox itself was unpatriotic, she said.

Thomas called information gleaned from the raid a "very good lead", but he said it "went dead" after it was "leaked to a prominent national newspaper", according to Fox News. At that gathering, General Tony Thomas-head of the USA military's Special Operations Command-reportedly said that American forces at one point came "particularly close" to Baghdadi after a 2015 raid recovered information about the Islamic State group. The Times also said that "no senior American official complained publicly about the story until now, more than two years later".

"With this segment, Fox & Friends demonstrated what little regard it has for reporting facts", the letter read.

Fox News parried: "For all of their hyperventilating to the media about a correction, the New York Times didn't reach out to anyone at Fox News until Sunday afternoon for a story that ran Friday night".

"Neither Fox News' report nor the subsequent on-air coverage was inaccurate".

"It's not just failing in its credibility", co-host Pete Hegseth said Saturday. To ensure his safety, specially entrusted drivers pick up each of the emirs and demand that they hand over their cellphones and any other electronic devices to avoid inadvertently disclosing their location through tracking by American intelligence, the officials said.

On Monday, Rhoades-Ha said in an e-mail that the segment that aired earlier that day "wasn't an apology, nor did it begin to address the larger issues with the Fox & Friends Weekend segment, one of which was sheer hypocrisy".


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