Can Talk With Pak, But...: Mehbooba Mufti's Counter To Farooq Abdullah

India third largest terror target after Iraq and Afghanistan: US report

She said, "As Vajpayeeji said in the Lahore declaration, India and Pakistan should hold talks to resolve Kashmir issue".

Asserting that "Kashmir is India and India is Kashmir", Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that "no third party is needed to settle any internal matters". "Does Farooq sahib wish the same fate as Iraq and Syria on us?" she said.

"Positive reporting about the state and its people by the media outlets will not only create a soothing impact on the minds of people here, but also help the people of rest of the country in understanding Jammu and Kashmir and its people better", she said. "We, India and Pakistan, have to talk even after war".

China on July 13 said it was willing to play a "constructive role" in improving relations between India and Pakistan, but the Ministry of External Affairs today rejected any external help. India has so many friends all over the world.

Citing the instances where USA had meddled itself between conflicts of different nations, the CM asked Farooq Abdullah to look at the condition of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. The National conference chief said, "You have to catch the bull by the horns, sometimes you have do it".

In an interaction with a visiting Press Council of India (PCI) team here, Mufti alleged, "A section of the country's media has been indulging in debates, discussions and reportage about the state and its people, most of which is far from reality". You have an atom bomb and they too have atom bomb.

"Upon return from strategic and very well known holiday, Mr Gandhi has chosen to attack the Prime Minister, especially when nation stands united against terrorism", Irani said.The BJP also has been dubbing Rahul Gandhi as "immature" owing to his tweets targetted at the Centre. "His flip-flops on Kashmir reek of hypocrisy", BJP spokesperson GVL Narsimha Rao said. "Or he wants our state to prosper?" the CM asked.

Criticising Abdullah's comments, Jammu and Kashmir's deputy chief minister Nirmal Singh said that Abdullah is "out of power and frustated".


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