Hastert released from prison

Report: Dennis Hastert out of federal prison

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has left the federal prison in Minnesota where he has spent the last 13 months for breaking the law while trying to hide his past sexual abuse of teenage boys, records show. He served 20 years in Congress and eight years as Speaker of the House.

A man who says Dennis Hastert sexually abused him when he was a teen says he didn't ask to be notified of the former House speaker's release from prison and remains intent on moving on with his life.

The statutes of limitation long expired for the sex abuse, but prosecutors said they identified at least five individuals sexually abused by Hastert during his years as an educator before he launched his political career in the early 1980s. "They looked to me, and I took advantage of them". At the request of authorities, Hastert secretly recorded two calls to Individual A to catch him making threats, but agents soon realized it was Hastert who was lying. He sat in a wheelchair during his sentencing and used a walker to deliver a statement.

U.S. District Judge Thomas M. Durkin branded Hastert "a serial child molester" during his sentencing in Chicago.

Cross, a former wrestler, testified that he was abused when he was in the school locker room. "I mistreated some of the athletes that I coached". "I was devastated. I felt very alone".

The disgraced former U.S. House speaker now enters a post-prison phase that includes intensive court-ordered sex-offender treatment created to ensure he never again poses a risk to children.

The withdrawals Hastert made while paying Individual A prompted questions from bank officials, but Hastert lied and claimed he was using the money to buy stocks and antique cars.

In Yorkville, the community that was once immensely proud of Hastert, a former close friend of his, Bob Evans, said he hopes the saga is nearly over. He says he hopes that once the news stories about Hastert's release from prison run their course, "We will never have to hear about this again". "You just get exhausted of hearing about it".


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