Human Remains Discovered On Farm Where Suspect Left Missing Man's auto

Small-town Pennsylvania left ‘disoriented in shock’ by grisly murders

The gruesome discovery is the latest development in the search for Finocchiaro, Jimi Tar Patrick, 19; Mark Sturgis, 22 and 21-year-old Tom Meo.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Dinardo told investigators that he had agreed to sell Patrick (third photo) four pounds of marijuana for $8,000.

Court documents note the Dinardo then wrapped Finocciaro's body in a blue tarp, put the body in metal tank he called "the pig roaster" and set Finocciaro's body on fire.

Shortly after, Dinardo and Kratz allegedly planned to pick up Meo and Sturgis, take them to the large property and then rob them.

Police were back at the farm Thursday, digging away in the dust and the 90-degree-plus heat and using plywood to shore up the deep, tent-covered trench that they excavated at the spot where Weintraub said dogs smelled "these poor boys 12½ feet below the ground".

The district attorney explained Friday that he offered to take the death penalty off the table in hopes of securing DiNardo's cooperation in locating the body of the fourth missing man, Jimi Taro Patrick, 19, of Newtown Township, whose remains were located in a single grave "up on top of a mountain".

A law enforcement official escorts Cosmo DiNardo, whose attorney said has admitted to killing four men reported missing in the Bucks County area.

Law enforcement re-arrested Cosmo DiNardo and charged him with stealing Meo's vehicle.

Police say the Loyola University Maryland student didn't show up for work as a beer runner at a restaurant-bar in nearby Doylestown, CNN affiliate WPVI-TV said.

Weintraub said the victims' families were holding up "remarkably well". Even as the investigation stretched on for days, centering on a farm not far from the Delaware River, the Bucks County district attorney said he clung to hope that the men would be found alive.

Weintraub said investigators found Meo's critical diabetes treatment kit in the vehicle. The other man, Cosmo Dinardo, had a dark, grisly secret, police say. DiNardo then continued to shoot at his body after he had died, The Daily Mail said.

Dinardo, whose parents own the Solebury Township farm being searched, was already in custody after being accused of stealing and trying to sell a auto belonging to one of the missing men. He added to say that they don't have the habit of picking up someone and starting to build a case around him or her. Weintraub did not say how he died.

The auto was then found on land owned by Antonio and Sandra Dinardo, the parents of Cosmo. "I talked to him just about every day", said neighbor Bill Hale.

DiNardo was arrested on Monday on a gun charged unrelated to the case that dated back to February and had previously been dropped. His behavior had been "altered" after he suffered a head injury in an ATV accident a few months ago, and his gun charge cited a history of mental illness.

Dinardo was released on bail on Tuesday when his father paid 10% of the $1 million bail in cash. They have a construction company and cement.

The original charge was dismissed by a judge in May, and the Bucks County district attorney's office authorized police to reinstate and refile that charge on June 21.

The defendants were jailed without bail and ordered held separately at a Friday afternoon hearing. By, Wednesday Dinardo was arrested again for one count each of theft and receiving stolen property. The two are described as good friends.


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