Pelosi Calls for Release of 'All Communications' Within Trump's Family

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short, who spoke to reporters at an off-camera briefing said Monday that the White House is'fully supportive of the sanctions themselves but was lobbying to get flexibility in applying them

The other possible explanation could be that the White House does not want to comment on the doings of the private citizen, since Don Trump not a holder of any political function in the USA government, unlike his younger sister Ivanka Trump.

"Speaker Ryan must allow a vote on an outside, independent commission to get to the bottom of the Trump campaign's role in the assault on our democracy and prevent Putin from ever doing it again". Act by startling act, it's dragging down Trump's presidency.

Taken together, these are a reminder that the relevant divide when it comes to Russia isn't so much between Democratic and Republican voters-even though most Democratic voters think there was Trump-Russia malfeasance, it is not a particularly high priority-but between people in Washington and people outside.

The debate over Kushner's security clearance follows news that Kushner joined his brother-in-law Donald Trump a previously undisclosed June 2016 meeting with a Russian attorney. This evidence was offered as "part of Russian Federation and its government's support for Mr. Trump", Rob Goldstone, a friend, wrote to Trump Jr.

"I don't like that, I want to protect the prerogatives of the minorities in the House, but weighing the equities, what was more important was passing the Russia-Iran sanctions bill", she said. This week, The New York Times reported Kushner updated his list of contacts three times and added over 100 names.

Daines said he had not read Trump Jr.'s emails, citing his busy schedule working on legislative matters.

"This is a campaign violation: soliciting, coordinating, or accepting something of value-opposition research, documents, and information-from a foreign government of foreign national", Pelosi said, reading from notes. It came to nothing. That would have been good. The White House and the Kremlin have denied there was any interference in the election. Does he reply the same way - "I love it" - when he's emailed offers of riches from a Nigerian prince?

Pelosi noted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is taking place inside the Justice Department, and the Senate and House intelligence committees are "inside" investigations as well. So it would be premature to speculate on whether the email trail is a "smoking gun" - the damning evidence of collusion not previously unearthed.

"If during the campaign or since the president's inauguration members of the Trump team have considered altering sanctions on our adversary Russia, Congress and the American people need to know and have a right to know", Castro told reporters.

Question time in the Briefing Room was kicked off by Kevin Corke of Fox News setting the tone for the rest of the day by asking at what point "did the President discuss with Donald Trump, Jr. that meeting?". Kushner, already a focus of attention in the Russian Federation affair, with this becomes more deeply enmeshed.

She went on to list potential charges without providing further context: "Criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States, impeding the lawful administration of a federal election or to make an offense against the United States, cybercrime, hacking against U.S. citizens-the Clinton campaign".


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