Is the Surface Plus Upgrade Program Worth it?

Microsoft launches Surface Plus upgrade plan

The monthly cost will no doubt depend on the cost of the particular device the customer wants, plus the interest rate they end up getting. The program includes the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and Surface Book.

Microsoft debuted two different payment plans on Tuesday to help lift sales of the devices, which compete against Apple and Google.

Low monthly payments: Customers can purchase a Surface device with an easy, 24-month payment plan at 0% April.

As a result, Microsoft is looking to entice buyers that would have otherwise passed on Surface hardware with the new Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business financing programs.

Additionally, Microsoft's Surface Hub digital whiteboard, which costs $9,000, is available to corporate customers via monthly installments, which was previously unavailable. Similar to a phone contract, the 24-month payment plan comes with 0 per cent April for the first two years, rising to 19.99 per cent afterwards.

The Surface Plus program covers all Microsoft Surface devices, be it the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, Surface Book or Surface Studio. Customers also have the option to add the Microsoft Complete extended service plan.

Dedicated Service & Support: Surface Plus offers best in class service and support from Microsoft Stores. Microsoft said Surface training and health check as well as a year of free in-store support and technical assistance are included in Surface Plus.You even have the option to add the Microsoft Complete extended service plan, if desired. Based on the consumer Surface Plus programme, the business variant allows for more flexibility - including 18, 24, or 30-month financing terms and a reduction to 12 months for upgrade eligibility on the 18-month contract - and has no interest applicable. You can also upgrade devices after 18 months.

Students can upgrade the device after 18 months if they meet the conditions specified by the lender.

Those who finance under this program are given the option of upgrading their device after 18 months have passed, just like with a smartphone.

Check out Microsoft's blog post for more details.


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