Surprising finish to Nakamura vs Cena dream match

WWE Rumors 2017: Jinder Mahal to Defend Title From Two Men?

Nakamura apologizes, and Cena says "don't be sorry". It'll probably be 19 or 20 days before the "smart money" comes in, and while you should probably put your money down before then if you're really going to gamble on the outcome of a WWE match, you probably want to wait a little while for these odds to shift a bit. However, the Cena and Corbin segment could have also been a one-off, intended mainly to give viewers a reason to tune into 205 Live after SmackDown Live. The event will held at the Barlcays Center in brooklyn, NY on August 20, 2017.

All of this started last night on the SmackDown Live episode when AJ Styles was defending his United States title against the challenger Kevin Owens.

United States Championship: AJ Styles (c) def. Kevin Owens by roll-up despite Kevin Owens' shoulder being up. Cena has never faced Reigns in a singles match.

Even if Cena had been booked to win on Tuesday night though, there's a chance he wouldn't have made it to SummerSlam anyway after one nasty bump threatened to put him on the shelf. Owens' joined in and pushed Chioda away and demanded a rematch but with a referee that can make a fair call. Seemingly blinded, the referee still counted to three and declared Styles the victor despite Owens having his shoulder up.

Daniel Bryan announced that Shane McMahon will be the special guest referee for the SummerSlam match between Styles and Owens.

It had powerful slams, unbelievable action and plenty of near falls before Nakamura survived two Attitude Adjustments to hit Cena with a Kinshasa to seal the win.

Cena congratulated Jinder on getting into better shape and retaining the WWE Title at Battleground before challenging him to a match for the title at Summerslam. On the women's side, champion Naomi is now in the midst of a newfound rivalry with No. 1 contender Natalya. Both superstars were the top stars in their respective companies, but how could they ever meet in the squared ring when they were on separate worlds?

The Lone Wolf soon had the upper hand and was about to smash John Cena through the announcers' table. It is also rumored that John Cena will move to RAW after Summerslam.

SmackDown Live will air from Quicken Loans Arena at 8 p.m. on the USA Network.


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