Taylor Swift shaken and humiliated by groping, mom tells trial


Taylor Swift testified in detail on Thursday in Denver about a 2013 incident in which she said former disc jockey David Mueller "grabbed my ass underneath my skirt" during a meet-and-greet with fans.

The lawsuit was brought by former 98.5 KYGO deejay David Mueller, who was sacked two days after the alleged incident in which he's accused of groping Swift's bare bottom during the photo opportunity.

Swift also testified that her security guard, Greg Dent, saw David Mueller "lift my skirt" and grab her, but it was impossible for anyone to see Mueller's hand beneath her skirt and on her buttock because they were posing for the photo with their backs to a wall.

"It was a definite grab, a very long grab", Swift said under oath from the witness stand in a downtown Denver federal courtroom. Swift said more fans were waiting in line to take a picture with her after the alleged assault, and that she didn't want them to wait. "It was intentional. He stayed latched onto my bare ass cheek".

The photo of the encounter shows, Swift testified, "he was in the process of grabbing my a-, yes". Andrea was not present at the time the photo was taken but was told by Taylor afterwards what happened.

Taylor Swift's attorneys told jurors they aren't trying to bankrupt a former Colorado DJ accused of groping the pop superstar before a concert, but they do want others to know "that you can always say no".

"It was horrifying, shocking and we had never experienced it before", she said.

As a result of the lawsuit, Swift countersued, claiming assault and battery.

Through it all, Swift remained confident that she knew "exactly who did this" and that the events were "not alleged".

Can't see her tweets? That's never happened to me before. "I have a 3-D rendition of what happened in my brain", she said. During her testimony, Mueller's attorney questioned why she didn't take some time to herself immediately after.

Mueller filed a lawsuit seeking nearly $3 million in lost and future wages because of "slander" from members of the Swift camp, while Swift has counter-sued for the alleged sexual assault. She is seeking a symbolic $1, saying she wants to serve as an example to other women who have been assaulted.

Baldridge repeatedly interrupted Mueller during an aggressive cross-examination and noted that Mueller has said he lost an audio recording of a meeting he had with his bosses before they fired him.

Taylor Swift has always been a recurring character in show biz drama involving the likes of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, as well as Katy Perry (but not Kendick Lamar), though in recent days, she's turned her attention to more serious allegations.

Mueller testified his hand was touching Swift's skirt after he put his arm around her and their arms got crossed: "My hand was at rib-cage level and apparently it went down".


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