What OpenAI Victory in Dota 2 Means for the Future of eSports

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In fairness, the website admits the bot was built "in collaboration with Valve" so it's possible they had a little insider knowledge, even if the creators insist the bot has the same actions per minutes (APM) as an average player.

In an accompanying blog post, OpenAI wrote that its bot had been undefeated over the last few days in Dota 1v1, a "complex game with hidden information [in which] agents must learn to plan, attack, trick, and deceive their opponents".

OpenAI took the stage at the Dota 2 International Championship yesterday. Each round, the teams choose from a list of roughly 100 characters, called heroes, who each have different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities, with one player controlling one hero each. The prize? A free Shadow Fiend arcana. Earlier in the week, OpenAI reported that their bot beat both Sumail, the current 1v1 champion, and Arteezy, another of the world's best mid lane players. OpenAI hopes to have its bot mastering five-on-fives by next year's Invitational, though. "This guy is really scary", Dendi kept saying, and at one point yelped "Please stop bullying me!" when the bot rushed at him aggressively. And rather than attempt a third round, Dendi surrendered. Perhaps more significantly, while Ishutin was defeated in a 1-on-1 match, DOTA 2 is normally played by opposing teams of five players each.

The AI win stunned the gaming community, because bots are generally considered inferior to expert human players. In the meantime, the company said it will soon let anybody play against the bot. Our next step is to create a team of Dota 2 bots which can compete and collaborate with the top human teams. It quickly began to implement research projects, see OpenAI Gym Gives Reinforcement Learning A Work Out and previous year partnered with Microsoft in order to use Azure.


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