Ex-Dividend Reminder: Prosperity Bancshares, Equity One and QTS Realty Trust

BLB&B Advisors LLC acquired a new position in Digital Realty Trust during the second quarter worth about $211,000. Guggenheim began new coverage on QTS Realty Trust, Inc. Stockholders of record on Wednesday, January 11th will be given a dividend of $0.16 per share. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Tuesday, December 13th. Read More

Michigan lets autonomous cars on roads without human driver

In addition, MI is now also allowing the sale of self-driving cars to the public, once the technology has been tested and certified. The long-term thinking of this law implicates ride-sharing platforms like Uber , Lyft, Google and even manufacturers like BMW who could use their vehicles for ride-hailing purposes, drop off a passenger and return autonomously to another destination. Read More

Rick rallies the troops in first clip from The Walking Dead's return

Meanwhile, Negan's presence has everyone on edge, and Spencer decides that he's going to use it to try and get what he wants. If Negan's season premiere display of sadism did anything, it reinserted the idea that nobody was safe again. To put it another way: At the same time that we've been reminded of Negan's formidable strength, we've also seen indications that his plan to control his territory may be undone by the sheer number and variety of settlements that have sprung up since the end ... Read More

Latest Microsoft Skype preview adds voice translation for phone calls

Skype has added more fabulous translation features to make calls more appealing and meaningful. Skype has started rolling out the extended Skype Translator service to members of the Windows Insider Program. What was once limited to Skype-to-Skype calling is now expanding to calls with mobile phones and landlines . I mean, I wouldn't touch Skype Preview with your computer. Read More

Patti Smith To Perform Bob Dylan Track At Nobel Prize Ceremony

Bob was absent from Saturday's award ceremony and banquet in Stockholm, but in remarks read by the USA ambassador, he alluded to the debate about whether the award should go to a songwriter. Dylan finally contacted the academy two weeks later, reportedly saying he was "speechless". But Dylan was having none of it. Last month, Dylan told the Swedish Academy in a letter that he would be unable to travel to Stockholm. Read More

Samsung, Google, HTC, Oculus, Sony, Acer form Global Virtual Reality Association

The group will also act as a resource for consumers and policymakers interested in virtual reality. Jon Wiley, director of immersive design for Google, called the group "a necessary first step toward ensuring great VR experiences for everyone", with collaboration on research and best practices long overdue. Read More

Samsung wants to deactivate all Galaxy Note7s; Verizon says 'no'

Samsung wants to deactivate all Galaxy Note7s; Verizon says 'no'

It stated that, "As of December 15th, Samsung will modify the software to prevent the Galaxy Note 7 from charging". The Korean tech giant wants the Note 7 out of circulation, and steps have already been taken in Canada and New Zealand to drastically limit the handset's functionality. Read More

Qualcomm's new chip may be too late as ARM server market fades

Now, for those wondering how Qualcomm expect's to differentiate itself from the likes of Intel or AMD, the company has confirmed that its processors are based on an architecture that has never been used with a Windows device. One barrier to new processor architectures making incursions into the server market is that they require changes to application software. "We are first in 10nm IC technology for mobile, and leveraging our expertise in ARM processors and system on chip design, we are ... Read More

HTC Launches Vive Studios, First VR Game Made Available is Arcade Saga

Arcade Saga was developed internally by company's 2 Bears Studios and is a collection of three games that make use of Vive's room-scale VR. HTC also has other plans in the pipeline to foster VR content, including its Vive X startup accelerator, and its more recent Viveport store . Read More

Phone Calls Allowed On Board Under Proposed Plan

Phone Calls Allowed On Board Under Proposed Plan

So on Thursday, DOT proposed a rule requiring airlines and ticket agents to tell customers in advance if the carrier operating their flight allows passengers to make voice calls using mobile wireless devices. As the FCC took steps toward relaxing its rules, the Transportation Department, apparently reacting to a public outcry, moved to keep voice calls from being allowed. Read More

Watch Stephen Colbert rip into 'Pizzagate' and fake news

If you're not familiar with this conspiracy theory, Colbert explained: "According to the folks with the spider eggs hatching in their brains, Clinton and Podesta have a series of smuggling tunnels that connect to the basement of this pizzeria, but police refuse to investigate the basement crime scene on the flimsy excuse that the pizzeria does not have a basement ". Read More

Missing Marine Pilot Who Ejected off Japan Coast Confirmed Dead

Frederick of Corpus Christi, Texas. Over the course of the day, US search and rescue efforts expanded, incorporating naval and air units from the Japanese Self Defense Forces. local time , including another F/A-18 that had been flying alongside him until it started running out of fuel. Search and rescue teams earlier Thursday had been scouring the waters of southern Japan for Frederick, 32, who ejected from his plane prior to the crash, the military said. Read More

Pokémon Go Getting a Special Starbucks Event, New Monsters Soon

It's already known that the long-term plan for the game included the addition of Pokemon from subsequent generations. While some of that audience has inevitably lost interest, Sprint could see huge benefits from attracting even a fraction of it. Read More

Veterans share stories at Pearl Harbor commemoration

Veterans share stories at Pearl Harbor commemoration

The casualty toll was more than 2,000 American soldiers and sailors who were killed and another 1,000 were wounded. The United States marked Wednesday the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that left some 2,400 Americans dead and brought the country into World War II. Read More

Michigan recount expands, Pennsylvania awaits federal ruling

Her effort, based on claims of potential hacking and foreign interference, has already led to recounts that are underway in Wisconsin and MI. The 2016 election recount effort is shifting to MI and Pennsylvania . That is still shy of Pennsylvania's 0.5 percent trigger for an automatic statewide recount. Soon, a table providing each county's status and links to the board of canvassers' minutes and results will be available on the 2016 Presidential Recount page. Read More

Dead Rising 4 Review - Uninspired, Mindless Fun

And I'm bored with them. Anything and everything is a weapon: Dead Rising 4 delivers a zombie game that's on a whole new level. After rotating main characters in previous entries, the first game's Frank West is back in Dead Rising 4 and he is haunted by returning to the area of Williamette. Read More

Instagram Adds Comment Controls in Latest Update

Instagram Adds Comment Controls in Latest Update

People will now be ale to remove followers from their personal accounts, for instance. Private accounts are gaining a new feature as well, with the ability to remove followers on a case-by-case basis, without needing to completely block them. Read More

Suspect in Joe McKnight killing jailed on manslaughter charge

Suspect in Joe McKnight killing jailed on manslaughter charge

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said at a morning press conference that his office chose to charge Ronald Gasser in connection to Joe McKnight's shooting after an extensive investigation. When deputies arrived, Gasser handed them his gun and confessed to killing McKnight , 28, the sheriff said. "On one hand, you certainly want to give people the right to protect themselves, and we in no way want to infringe upon your right to protect your home or your vehicle in case of some type ... Read More

LG V20 to launch in India today, prices start at Rs 50000

It is mostly monochromatic when showing the time or the toggles, but does offer colour when showing recently used or pinned app icons. The V20, at its time of worldwide launch , became the first smartphone apart from the Pixel/Pixel XL that came with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Read More

Destiny The Dawning Brings Back Sparrow Racing League And More

Destiny The Dawning Brings Back Sparrow Racing League And More

Destiny's newest holiday event is called " The Dawning " and starts December 13th. Steve Wright, aka Stevivor: A Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, freelance journalist, sweet games blog owner, ice hockey player/fan, beer aficionado and tech trainer. Read More