Debbie Reynolds' Carrie Fisher Update Says The Star Is In "Stable Condition"

Carrie, who emulated her mother's big-screen success with her own career, was born to Reynolds and her then-husband Eddie Fisher in 1956. 'For all her fans & friends. Or maybe we're supposed to believe, as she insists, that Ford just didn't talk a lot when they were together. In a separate interview, he noted that he was unsure of the details on her condition at the time and added that much of what was reported was speculation. Read More

Midwest showdown: Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field

Midwest showdown: Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field

The Packers have allowed an average of 15.8 points during their winning streak after surrendering an average of 27.6 points in the first 10 games. After the Vikings scored a field goal to cut the lead to four, Rodgers hit the field again and delivered an absolute strike to Davante Adams on a back-shoulder throw. Read More

Arizona governor welcomes Uber self-driving cars

Arizona governor welcomes Uber self-driving cars

A few days later the California state stated it was illegal. Uber argues the vehicles shouldn't require the permit because they aren't ready to drive without a monitoring driver; an Uber spokesperson told Bicycling it "remains 100-percent committed to California". Read More

California Strips Registration Permits from Self-Driving Ubers

California Strips Registration Permits from Self-Driving Ubers

The company has "a history of pushing the boundaries, not wanting to wait for permission because it slows down innovation", Michael Ramsey, an autonomous vehicle expert at Gartner, told TechRepublic. Ducey said Arizona will be happy to have the pilot program here. The executive order Ducey signed a year ago calls for the state's public safety and transportation departments to take steps toward allowing for the testing of self-driving cars. Read More

Apple Selling Refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 and 2

The Series 1 offers the same feature set as the original Apple Watch with an upgraded processor for improved speed. One of the Apple Watch 2 models is offered with up to $90 discount. A 15 percent discount might not sound like much, but these restored watches provide a cheaper alternative for those folks who can't afford a full-price gadget, or simply want to test the smartwatch waters. Read More

Electoral College Faithless Elector Foiled Trying To Vote For Bernie Sanders

Electoral College Faithless Elector Foiled Trying To Vote For Bernie Sanders

Clinton narrowly won Minnesota on November 8, but dozens of anti-Trump protesters still attended Monday's vote. The Electoral College vote in Minnesota included a substitution for a " faithless elector ", as provided under state law. Demonstrators came together for an anti-Trump rally outside during meeting for Minnesota members of Electoral College, according to the Star Tribune. Read More

Fred's, Inc. (NASDAQ:FRED) Agrees to Buy 865 Rite Aid Stores

Fred's, Inc. (NASDAQ:FRED) Agrees to Buy 865 Rite Aid Stores

A deal that would merge the latter two companies could result in fewer stores under those brands, the Wall Street Journal reports. While looking at the Stock's Performance, Rite Aid Corporation now shows a Weekly Performance of 2.87%, where Monthly Performance is 12.26%, Quarterly performance is 6.3%, 6 Months performance is 11.38% and yearly performance percentage is 9.4%. Read More

Netflix Twitter Account Gets Hacked

Netflix Twitter Account Gets Hacked

Twitter shares are down 4.5% today following yesterday's reports that it's losing two top execs: Chief Technology Officer Adam Messinger and VP Product Josh McFarland. The hackers offer social media and email account protection for $30 and $10, respectively, and $5,000 for corporate networks. This isn't the first time OurMine has pulled a stunt like this. Read More

'Rogue One' on target for $140 million opening weekend

Star Wars Rebels takes place a few years before Rogue One, which may explain why Saw Gerrera isn't quite as physically broken as he appeared to be in that film. I'd still have liked the movie if Jyn or Cassian survived, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see another movie with this cast. The worlds of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Rebels were destined to cross over. Read More

President Obama Blocks Oil Drilling in Arctic and Atlantic Oceans!

Pres. Obama, as expected , moves to indefinitely block oil and gas drilling in vast areas of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans by invoking a little used provision in a 1953 law normally used to preserve coral reefs. The protection covers an area of the Arctic roughly the size of Spain or Thailand and 31 sea canyons in the Atlantic. The move has support from environmental leaders and has been called "incredibly short-sighted" by the American Petroleum Institute. Read More

Mac Pro is 'very likely dead,' developer Marco Arment says

Mac Pro is 'very likely dead,' developer Marco Arment says

In the posting, in response to questions from staff, Cook claims that the desktop remains "very strategic" to the company. He argues the benefits desktop computers have over notebooks, such as larger screens, more memory and storage, and better I/O. Read More

Griffin to miss up to six weeks after knee surgery

Although it's a concern any time a team's star player gets hurt and undergoes surgery, one piece of good news for Clippers fans is that this injury is to Griffin's right leg, not the left one that knocked him out of the postseason a year ago. Read More

Verizon buys its users a little more time with the Galaxy Note7

Samsung signed a non-compete agreement with Google back in 2014, preventing it from making any major software changes, which means that the AI assistant may not be possible anytime soon if Samsung still wants to use Android for its galaxy flagships. Read More

Twitter Is Finally Doing Live Video Right

Tweets that contain live video can be Retweeted, liked, and shared anywhere that people can share a Tweet. Twitter touts itself as the place to see what's happening now, and has had several livestreaming deals, including with the National Football League and CBS News for the presidential debates. Read More

Japanese tether en route to ISS to de-orbit space junk

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency ( JAXA)'s H-IIB rocket carrying the Kounotori, or Stork, capsule headed towards the International Space Station after liftoff. As illustrated by a video, the Japanese agency's plan is to use the electrified tether - counter-weighted by a 20 kilogram (44-pound) end mass - to slow down and redirect space junk into a safe but fiery reentry into the atmosphere. Read More

UC, Caltech Key To Bill Gates' New $1 Billion Cleantech Investment Effort

I think we will get the increased investments". It appears Gates and 20 of his fellow investors are $1 billion closer to those "breakthroughs" in green technologies. BEV is created to have a 20-year lifespan. In a video on the Coalition's website , Gates said funding should be directed at researchers investigating the early stages of problems affecting the climate. Read More

Nokia D1C Price And Specs Leaked Ahead Of Launch

Most important feature is Nokia D1C is going to run on the Andriod Version 7.0 Nougat operating System. Additionally, Nokia Android phones would feature its own wireless charging feature called Nokia DT-903 Qi . The Nokia D1C will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor. The entry of Nokia Android Phones can assure the customers that they would get quality devices with best specs and reasonable price. Read More

Amber specimen offers rare glimpse of feathered dinosaur tail

The 3.6cm lump of amber, which is hardened tree resin, was discovered in a market in Myitkyina, Burma, past year where it had been offered for sale as a curiosity or item of jewellery. "It's visually stunning and the level of detail on the specimen is not something I was expecting at all". "Maybe we can find a complete dinosaur". Read More

USGS: 6.5 magnitude quake in ocean off California coast

No damage or injuries were reported . The coastal area nearest the quake is sparsely populated. "It wasn't that bad at all", he said to the news service. The Humboldt Bay Fire department in Eureka had received no calls related to the quake, said Ashleigh Jordan, administrative assistant at the department. Read More

Microsoft's Windows 10 Will Run On Qualcomm Processor

This year's WinHEC is being held six months after Microsoft declared its intentions to bring Windows 10 to virtual reality devices, and to help the five aforementioned hardware companies develop cheap head-mounted VR displays. Technical details of how the system will work have not yet been released, but the secret likely lies in emulation: a translation engine will take the x86/AMD64 instructions from the operating system and the software it's hosting and translate them into ARM instructions ... Read More